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Novation Launchpad App

I’m sure you all know about Novation Launchpad. A controller dedicated to control Ableton Live. Since the release of this midi controller, it has gained good reputation among producers. Because of its functionality and affordable price, it became the most popular Ableton Live controller. Notable artist that use Launchpad is Madeon, because of a Youtube video of him remixing on a Launchpad he just became a well known DJ. He even stepped up onto the Top 100 DJ chart. I’m a huge fan of Launchpad, so when Novation said that they will release a Launchpad App, I can barely wait to get my hands on it.

The Launchpad App is actually a loop player app. It’s very disappointing when you know the fact that it’s not a controller app like Touchable. But don’t worry, it’s free. When it’s free you can’t just complain about it. But as a loop player, I really think this app is really great. They provide you with lots of samples from Loopmasters. They are great samples and you can play with them smoothly. It has a filter, volume and FX for each channel (they divided it into eight channels). Novation did a great job here. Unfortunately you can’t import samples into the app, it will be really great if you can import your favorite samples. But once again, since it’s free I think it’s cool enough. Checkout the video below to see what Launchpad App can do.

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