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Novation Launchkey

Launchpad is already popular among Ableton live users worldwide. And yes, it was a complete solution for playing clips in Ableton Live. And now Novation announced their latest keyboard controller that combining Launchpad and a Keyboard,Novation Launchkey. So i know the look of Novation launchkey is just like “Impulse”, another Novation Keyboard controller. But what’s the differences? should i just buy an Impulse, or i should wait for the Novation Launchkey?

Novation Launchkey

Well, first of all the Launchkey offers 16 velocity sensitive pads, unlike Impulse which only have 8 pads. Launchkey comes with a synth style keyboard, well for me this is good since i never liked the piano style keys. Launchkey comes  with three choices : 25, 49, and 61 keys. Novation Launchkey also comes with two free Ipad apps, the Launchpad app and Launchkey app. Although without having a launchkey you can still download the apps for free, having the keyboard itself will give you total control over those apps. The hardware is bundled with Novation V-station and Bass station Vst, and also comes with Loopmaster’s sample pack and also Ableton Live lite.

The price tag of Launchkey are $149.99 for the 25 Keys, $199.99 for the 49 Keys, and $249.99 for the 61 Keys. Novation is known to produce an affordable controller but have great quality, so it will be a serious contender in it class. The controller itself will be available in March or April 2013. So are you interested?

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  1. Impulse pads ARE velocity-sensitive, and with aftertouch.

    • Hey there, thank you for your correction. Apparently we have a wrong information about impulse pads and we are correcting it right away.

  2. Just got my hands on the 49, couldn’t be happier. Slim design, everything mapped perfectly to Ableton and I was playing in seconds!

    Nice write up, maybe consider adding some affiliate links so that if people find your information helpful in making a purchase they can help you out a bit in return!

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