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Hands-on with Keith McMillen QuNeo

My friend Anka just got a new controller from ChandraCom ID, a Keith McMillen QuNeo. Well, to be honest the first time i saw QuNeo I’m not interested at all. I just don’t like the look of this controller. I spent a weekend trying this controller and I finally changed my opinion. This is one of the best controllers out there.

QuNeo has a lot of possibilities to use. This is a 3D controller, it means that this controller can detect three inputs, velocity, pressure, and location info. QuNeo has 4 x 4 drum pads, each can be used to control X/Y axis parameters, and also just be a drum pad. Each pad also can be divided into 4 corner, each corner can change note or pressure parameters. QuNeo also provided with default templates for almost every major DAW. It also has a QuNeo Editor and CoMA mode which helps you to map QuNeo on your DAW. When I tried it in Ableton Live, I was really confused about what to do. It took me a while to get familiar with QuNeo.

Beside its features, what I love from QuNeo is that this controller have the same size as an iPad. So that means you can use all iPad accessories on it. Something like IK Multimedia iKlip would be a great companion for QuNeo.

Despite of its ability as a 3D Controller, you really have to spend a lot of time to master QuNeo. The manual is not written well, so it will be better to read through forums or watch youtube videos. Musisi Kamar will also make a QuNeo tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia. We won’t make the english tutorial, since the english tutorials are available on youtube. QuNeo has a price point at $249 (IDR 2.500.000), and it is available at http://www.chandracom.net/

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