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Free Dubstep Music from Delaytribe

Free Dubstep Music

This week we have a special free Dubstep music from Indonesian Dubstep Duo, Delay Tribe. DelayTribe itself formed in 2012, formed by two talented musician, Akbar & Billie. The concept of DelayTribe is to combine Traditional Instruments with Electronic Music. Traditional Instruments like Gamelan, Djimbe, Zigana, Sarunai, can be found in their tracks. Their style is Dubstep, Reggae, Jungle, And Electronica. They have a unique act in their live performance, they usually do poetry reading in their live sets.

The name DelayTribe comes from Delay effect which they always use in their track. They make their track in Ableton Live and Logic Studio. And they said that they always add anything in their track but still in Bass Music Track. They hope that Electronic Dance Music producer can expand their genre, and can be heard. Despite being a bedroom musician, they hope that EDM musician can also perform in an event. That way they can be heard.

So here it is a Free Dubstep Music from Delaytribe called Drama Gong. Free Download!!

Free Dubstep Music From Delaytribe



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