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DTX’s New Release with Riri Mestica

DTX’s New Release with Riri Mestica

One of Indonesia’s best Drum & Bass producers Arya Harditya a.k.a DTX is back with his new EP, together with one of Indonesian legendary DJs, Riri Mestica. This EP is the fourth release of his own record label called Invert Recording. The EP itself is his 9th release in the last three years. In this release DTX is collaborating with Riri Mestica, and also have several remixes by local Indonesian producers. The release included remixes from Talon, Muztang, Luwky, and also remixes from Riri Mestica and DTX himself.

“This idea came up when we were talking over the phone, Mr. Riri said that he was producing dubstep and wanted my opinion. He might want me to be involved in the project too. When I listened to the project, I think it was really inspiring and I might put some good ideas on it. From there on out, we started the project from scratch until now it has been released.” said Arya. “The concept of this EP is Bass Music which influenced by other genre.” he continued. We can hear the interpretation of Progressive House into Dubstep in this EP.

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Arya who started his career in 2001, thinks that the local EDM scene in Indonesia is rising nowadays. “There are lots of new producers out there with lots of different creativity, I hope that they will remain productive and keep developing their own community”, says Arya.

If you want to buy his EP you can go to online music store such as beatport, junodownload, trackitdown, Amazon, and iTunes.

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