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Changing BPM of Your Project in Ableton Live 8

Some people ask me about how to change the tempo of a project in Ableton Live 8. To change the tempo in your arrangement or in your sets is quite easy. There are many ways to change it, but my favorit way is via scene and automation. I’m gonna explain that in this posts.


Using automation to change your BPM in the arrangement are easy, first of all you have to go to Master track. In the master track  you will notice that there is also an automation lane just like in the audio track or midi track. You just have to select the automation from mixer tab. Select song tempo to change the tempo of your song or project.

After that you can just change tempo using automation. You can do this by using the pencil tool or just double click on the automation line to change the tempo.


Using Scene

Other way to change the project tempo is by using the scene. This is pretty useful when you are perform using Ableton Live, and you need to change your tempo in certain tracks. it’s quite easy, all you have to do is rename the scene with ***BPM. *** stands for the BPM number. for example, if you want to change your track tempo to 140 BPM, then you rename the scene with 140 BPM

To change the tempo you can just press the play button on the scene. And the tempo will automatically change into the BPM that is written on the scene.

Remember that when you play from the scenes, you also play the entire row so you should be careful on how to arrange the clips. When you play the song via clip it won’t change the BPM, only when you play the scene so remember that. This is really useful when you are playing on a whole different tempo like i do when i play Dubstep,Electro,and Drum and Bass.


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