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Audio Visual Performance

Audio Visual Performance

After have a long talk with my friend VJ Luwky, i have the idea to write about Audio Visual performance. He is a visual expert and also a great producer. He teaches me about how do we combine Audio and Visual in our live performance. Audio and Visual is actually similar. We use a similar approach in the theory of music and also theory of visual. Did you know the circle of fifth? or maybe the color wheel. Circle of fifth is made to makes us easier to understand the relationship among the 12 tone of chromatic scale. And so does the Color wheel, they are made to makes us easier to understand the relationship between colors. They can both be combined to makes it even easier to understand both theory. The picture below explain how Music and Visual can be combined together. So why can’t we use it in our live performance?

circle of fifths

There are many ways to use Audio Visual together in our live sets. To combine these two you need one DAWs or DJ software, and a VJ software. I found that the best way to do this is by using Ableton Live as your Audio software and Resolume as your VJ Software. The good thing about Ableton Live is the fact that it is a non-linear DAW, and you can use it to trigger the VJ software. And the other reason is Max for Live. Although Resolume can use MIDI signal too, it takes you time to map the MIDI in Resolume. That’s why we use Ableton Live, because of Max for Live. Max for live can be the bridge to change a MIDI signal into an OSC signal, and there is also a Max device for Resolume. That way you don’t have to waste your time mapping Resolume. That’s what we mean as Audio Visual Performance. A true integration between DAW and VJ software.

What you need for Audio Visual Performance

So do you need any special tools to do this? well all you need is one laptop. And a soundcard for the Audio output, and a projector for the Visual Output. This is the simplest set and yet it is also the CPU hungry sets. And for the safest set up i think you need two laptops. MIDI controller is just an additional to make thing easier to control your DAW or Visual software. So how to do this? i will come up with the Tutorial for Audio Visual Performance later.

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