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Audio Technica ATH-M50 Review

A lot of you might find it difficult to find the best headphone that is suitable for your needs. For DJing Purpose or may be for Mixing purpose. Well i’ve been searching for the great headphones for quite a while, and i found out that ATH-M50 is one of the best headphone you could find out there, especially if you’re looking for a headphone with affordable price.

What makes ATH-M50 great? well first of all let’s take a look to the design. Audio Technica has done well by designing this headphone, it looks really tough and looks cool. The built quality of this headphone are greats, the earcups feels nice and it have a single cord which ended in a reinforced plug. So you don’t have to worry about the cord, it is so flexible but strong also. Although it is made from plastic, they build it with heavy duty material. The only problem that i found is that the earcups somehow feels a little loose, but you can adjust it. The ATH-M50comes with a soft-pouch and the headphones are foldable for storage.
Like we know from the series that this headphone are made for monitoring. I’ve been using this headphone for mixing and it works well. The Bass feels a little bit boomy, but the mid and high are nice in my opinion. If you wish to use it for mixing audio tracks, make sure you have a speakers to compare. I also used it for DJing to, well it is not really good for DJing since it’s not meant to used for DJ purpose. But it works well, but the noise canceling in this headphones are not good so you still hear sounds from the outside.Overall it is a good headphone with an affordable price. For me the sound quality of ATH-M50 are really great that it can compete with a $250 headphones. Build quality and design are good as well for a headphone that is less than $200. You can buy it from Amazon.com for only $130 here.

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