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Ableton Live 9 Leaked

Yesterday, Oktopus Music posted a video on youtube. The video is about the Ableton Live 9, they claim that the video shows the new effects in Ableton Live 9. We don’t know wether this video is accurate or not, but it seems so real. In the video they show some cool new effects and an upgrade on old live effects. Well, it seems like Ableton are making Live 9 to be a mixing friendly DAW. You can see it from the new effects in this video.

The effects i’m talking about are the Glue Compressor, EQ 8, Compressor, and also Gate. The Glue Compressor is the new effects in Live 9 according to this youtube video. While EQ 8 are upgraded to have their own built in spectrum analyzer. This is really great, i’ve been waiting for the EQ 8 to have it own analyzer. The Compressor is getting new display, now it can be switched between a classic display , collapse display, or the gain reduction display. It also have auto release button to make things easier. The gate have a new update similar to compressor.

For me if this is real, it would be great to have those effects in Live 9. I still want the dual monitor support in Live 9, besides those effects i also notice that the browser bar are improved. Let just hope Ableton Live 9 would offer more than this video.



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