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Ableton Live 9 Announced, Also Introducing “Push”

After waiting for live 9 for quite a long time, now Ableton Live fan can be happy because Ableton has announced Ableton Live 9. I have posted a leaked video three days ago that contain new Live Effects in Live 9, well it seems that the video are accurate because it  is included in live 9.  Well, it still not released yet so we might have to wait for the release date. Music Radar reported that Ableton Live 9 might be released in first quarter of 2013, now it is on beta testing.

Features that is enhanced in Live 9 is more to creativity purpose of production, as they introduced automation in clip, and Audio to Midi convertion. You can check out the full feature of Ableton Live 9 in the video provided by Ableton. Besides the new Ableton Live, they also introduce the “Push” Controller, a controller made by Ableton and AKAI. When i first saw this controller, it feels like the combination of launchpad, and sl-mkII. It offers lots of feature to fully control Ableton Live.

The Ableton Live 9 Prices start at USD 99 / EUR 79 (Live 9 Intro download version), USD 449 / EUR 349 (Live 9 Standard download version) and USD 749 / EUR 599 (Live 9 Suite download version). They also gives a bundles for the Ableton Live 9 suite and Push Controller at USD 848, while the bundles with standart Ableton Live 9 at USD 728.


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